2012-13 Yearly Theme

One Life

Our yearly theme is based on Romans 11:36.

What has become accepted as “normal” in today’s society – including in our churches – is completely unacceptable when held against the standards of the living Word of God. If we accept this normal and live life according to the rules and expectations set forth by our current culture and by our typical desires and responses, “normal” will mean that some of us will simply suffer from plagues like divorce, infidelity, addictions, depression, drug & alcohol abuse and a growing lack of faith in God — and there’s nothing anyone can do about it – not even God! Sin has caused this moral and physical decay, and the Power that defeated the penalty for sin has the power to move us from what is typical to what is ORDAINED! How? We live Life where every ONE matters!

Imagine what life would look like if we lived it where every one person, relationship, moment, conversation, thought, glance, opportunity, prayer and action mattered. If Jesus hadn’t lived his entire life where every ONE mattered, his sacrifice wouldn’t have been what our sin needed to be reconciled with our Heavenly Father. Jesus showed us the Way and then gave us the Power of the Holy Spirit to help guide us. NOW IS THE TIME to leave behind the judgment our sins continue to inject into our lives and begin pursuing the freedom God originally designed. We do this by living Life where every ONE matters!

Cre8 Statements:

  1. Live life where every ONE matters! (Ephesians 4:1-6)
  2. One sin brings judgment! (Genesis 3:22)
  3. One act brings freedom! (Romans 5:12-17)
  4. Each moment magnifies judgment or freedom! (Galatians 5:13-15)

Last Year's Theme: We Are Doing A Great Work And Can Not Come Down

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