2011-12 Yearly Theme

Why Do We Have a Yearly Theme?

It’s easy to get lost in sermon series or to not care what’s been taught during the weeks you miss. Hearing a good sermon doesn’t do much if you have forgotten it within a week or two.

To accomplish great things, we need great focus – and help from our great, big God!

In the fall of every year, we unveil a new theme that helps to guide what we talk about and how we utilize our time together to love, serve and invest into each other. Think of watching a movie that took $200 million dollars to make, but had no plot. You would see great visual effects, top-notch editing and good acting. But, without a story that ties it together, you’d be watching a $200-million-dollar waste of time.

Also think of purpose. If you tried to sing a preschool song with a bunch of 5th graders, you would probably get met with disgruntled attitudes. However, ask a group of 5th graders to help you teach a preschool song to some 3-year-olds, and those same 5th graders might come alive and sing the song with motions, energy and enthusiasm. Applying purpose to anything makes it more meaningful!

We want every gathering to help lead us into something greater or help us build something eternal. Having a yearly theme applies purpose to every scripture we explore, every gathering we have, and helps anyone new feel like they know what’s going on and can join in.

What Is This Year’s Theme?

Our Yearly Theme is based on Nehemiah 6:3

“We are doing a great work and cannot come down!“

Nehemiah knew God wanted him to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. A lot of obstacles could have stopped him. While working on the wall, neighboring towns and kingdoms sent messengers to bribe and threaten Nehemiah to stop. He didn’t! For a more in depth look in what this phrase encompasses, read the book of Nehemiah. You can also read Visioneering by Andy Stanley. He is the one we first heard this phrase from, which gave us the inspiration to start here.

Below is a study we did on the book of Nehemiah and how we started this journey – which is also the same template we used to start Cre8. Again, I strongly recommend reading it for yourself! The numbers represent the chapter each action step was taken from:

1) Be burdened for something beyond yourself!

What burdens you when it comes to your life or family?

1) Repent!

What have you been tolerating that you feel God would want you to change?

1) Take it directly to God!

How would you like to see God join you in this pursuit?

2) Inspect the problem with only those you trust!

Who can help you assess what needs to be done?

2) Communicate your vision when you're ready – not before!

Who do you need to share your vision with and when?

3) Make an organized plan and include those who share the vision!

What action steps need to be taken?

4) Pray every day!

Don’t start thinking you can accomplish this on your own because of intention, talent, skill or a good plan! How can you ensure you keep God as the architect?

4) Be on guard!

What areas, if attacked, would cause you to lose heart or stop building?

4) Work with enthusiasm!

How can you ensure you keep focused and excited about your vision?

5) Be generous and make sure your vision isn’t only serving you!

How can you continue loving and serving others, no matter what stage of the vision you’re in?

5) Actively contribute to the building of your vision!

What active role can you play every day?

6) Remain determined to see your vision through and trust that God is with you!

What will you realistically do when distractions and obstacles come your way?

7) Remain protective of your vision – even after initial accomplishment of it!

What safeguards can you put in place to protect what’s been built?

8&9) Confess sins, stay in God’s Word, worship, pray and celebrate – constantly!

How will you keep repentance, scripture, worship, prayer and celebration a part of your vision?

13) Stop tolerating sin – yours and those involved in your vision!

What God builds, sin can tear down if we let it. Knowing God can take care of everything outside of your control, sin is the only thing that can keep you from building something worthwhile. Don’t let it!

Cre8 Statements:

  • You'll pursue something in life.  Make it worthwhile!
  • Place God in control, but don't be afraid to protect!
  • Plan to be a servant of God before making the plan to serve others!
  • Fight FOR people and AGAINST distractions - WITH God's help!
  • Readily share with others as you steadily pursue your vision!
  • Keep the value of TOGETHER in the "maintenance," not just the "building."

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