What Is Cre8?

Cre8 is the Way to Be & Become! We believe every person serves a purpose and will add the most value to life and get the most out of it when they discover and live out this purpose. We believe the key to finding this “Way” is discovering the truth and power of Jesus Christ. This individual pursuit is only part of the journey --- the remaining part lies in the power of family, the power of TOGETHER! Cre8 is a family ministry that offers a variety of environments intended to help people and families:
  • Connect.
  • Worship together.
  • Be who they want to be.
  • Become who God wants them to become.
We seek less to build an organization and more to help build or rebuild lives and families! Our success isn’t in growing our numbers, but in helping change the course of people’s lives. Ultimately, we exist to leverage our influence to help people discover their current purpose in life and live it out. Cre8 accomplishes its mission through:
  • Cre8 Church – a regular gathering that allows families to worship and grow together.
    • Includes B.I.G. Kids – a supervised and structured environment for kids who are not quite ready to join their parents in the Cre8 family gathering.
    • Includes Cre8 Worship Experiences – a gathering that starts out together, then allows each person to individually explore, express and celebrate truth through strategically designed environments based on worship styles.
    • Includes Cre8 a Wish – our mission strategy to serve families and participants in need.
  • Cre8 Connection – a café-style environment for people to enjoy free of charge (donations accepted).
    • Includes B.I.G. Kids – a supervised and structured environment for kids so that parents who need some time to just “be” can Cre8 Connection while their kids enjoy being cared for.
  • Cre8 Artist Studio – an area that includes equipment and space for people to work on projects, provided free of charge (donations accepted). Specific equipment will be listed when this environment becomes available.
  • Cre8 Special Events – special gatherings aimed at providing for a more specific felt need for a more specific target audience. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Cre8 Family Fridays – Friday-night events aimed at serving families in need of physical & relational connection.
    • Cre8 College – gatherings aimed at providing for the felt needs of college students in a “home” environment.
    • D8 Nights – “date night” events aimed at providing an enjoyable, yet meaningful experience to help couples connect and grow their relationship.
    • Cre8 Camps – kids’ and family camp-style experiences.
    • Cre8 Youth – events aimed at helping youth find their place in their families while experiencing the freedom of individual expression.
  • One Life Studio – a recording studio and live-event venue for rent. This will also serve as our “phase 2” worship space for Cre8 Church.
The launch of each specific environment is dependent upon being able to purchase and renovate Wide Open Acres. More information will be shared as we grow.

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