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Cre8 Worship Experiences

A Cre8 Worship Experience is one that captures the power of together while allowing for individual exploration and expression. It is loosely based on the book, Sacred Pathways, by Gary Thomas. He asserts that there is one way to God, through Jesus Christ, but there are multiple expressions. We get so caught up in style of worship and system of discipleship that we often alienate people who worship and connect differently than the corporate structure allows. This can cause people to turn away from church, God and each other, when the solution lies in how each of us is designed by God to connect and worship. A Cre8 Worship Experience starts out with everyone together so the same truth can be presented to everyone. From there we have various environments available, each led by a facilitator, for individuals for explore and express truth in unique ways. By the end of the gathering, every family member heard the same basic truth but was given the freedom to explore it individually. The shared question isn’t, “What did you learn in Sunday School today?” The shared question becomes, “What did you create? What did you feel God spoke to you?” Specific worship environments might include, but not be limited, to:
  • Musical Worship – where not only songs are sung, but lyrics and looked at in more depth along with the scriptures they draw inspiration from.
  • Intellectual Worship – where in-depth bible study and church history is discussed.
  • Artistic Worship – where canvases and journals offer people the chance to express themselves through art, journaling, poetry and creative writing.
  • Natural Worship – where participants can retreat to a nature setting to spend time with God while being surrounded by His creation. Quiet time, devotion and sharing will also accompany this environment.
  • Choir Worship – where people can take a portion of God’s Script and help provide the soundtrack for it, creating a new song.
  • ReCre8 Worship – where those that just want to unwind through recreational activities can do so without judgment, while a devotion and team-building accompany the experience.

Be & Become Leader Investment Strategy

It is my calling in life to leverage my influence to help people be who they want to be and become who God wants them to become. This means I accept people for who they are while encouraging them to strive for who God wants them to become. This is the approach we utilize in how we invest into our leaders. It isn’t about making people a “better” this or a more “efficient” that. It isn’t about institutionalizing everyone so that people meet OUR expectations of what we need them to do. It is about helping people discover what makes their soul come alive and pursue a personal ministry that fits into who God designed them to be. Getting people to think, act and behave the same so that a system of ministry can be developed with strict expectations is easy. Allowing people to spread their wings and pursue God’s calling will look different for each leader involved. This pursuit, however, is worth it! You will add the most value to life and get the most out of it when you live out God’s purpose for your life. We are committed to this type of personal investment – even if it leads people away from us and into something new!

Cre8 a Wish Mission Strategy

Cre8 a Wish serves to make a deeper investment into more personal situations. While we encourage people to pursue whatever mission they feel inspired to pursue, we have allotted funds and resources to help walk people through difficult times so they don’t fall into the trap of believing that their circumstance defines who they are. We believe that applying purpose to every mission endeavor is vital into helping love and lead people into who God has created them to be. Think of it this way: A couple separates, causing financial, relational and emotional issues as a result. As a community, we can ask the question, “What all can we do to help love and serve this family through this difficult time?“ It may be one person helping the mom refinance her home or save it from foreclosure. It may be a group cooking meals during difficult times of the month. It may be another group helping with yard work so the mom can spend more time with her kids on the weekends. It may be a group of women taking the mom out for coffee on a regular basis while someone else watches the kids… Point is – some situations need more than money, time spent serving meals in a food line or purchasing extra groceries to place in a bin. While organized, structured ministry opportunities are great – some people need a community to walk through a situation with them. We feel we are building a community to serve the community! When a community rallies around a person or a situation, there is no limit to the impact we can have. We want to help change the course of people’s lives – no matter what state of being they’re in when they cross our path. While we may not be able to meet every need that comes our way, we can try!

Cre8 Core

Cre8 Core is the only leadership group that exists in Cre8 Ministries, outside of the Board of Directors. Anyone is welcome to join this group as we pray about, discuss and discern how to best build this community in order to serve our community. Instead of having various leadership teams that are either exclusive or who compete against each other for volunteers, money and space – we are ONE team committed to ONE mission that prays, serves and works TOGETHER. Contact us directly or using the form below, with questions about Cre8 Core, or see when the next one meets on our Schedule Page.

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