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Cre8 Summer

July & August 2014
Guiding Scripture: John 4


May & June 2014
Guiding Scripture: Psalm 68:3

​As people, we want to be happy. As believers in the risen Lord, Jesus Christ, we know that we exist for a greater purpose. So…how can we pursue happiness while making God’s name great? This is what we’ll explore throughout this series.


Happiness pursued through self-driven pursuits leads to ultimate dissatisfaction. “Self” can never be satisfied. Happiness pursued through God-inspired pursuits leads to purpose and fulfillment. The only way to pursue “gr8ness” is to live every day with an awakened soul.

Messages in this Series:

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March & April 2014
Guiding Scripture: Matthew 13:23

​“The kingdom of God is like…” Jesus told multiple parables about the kingdom of God. But why? Was he just talking about heaven? Was he talking about an achievable life here on earth that exists under the protection and values of God’s eternal kingdom? There is more to God’s kingdom than meets the eye. What we learn can have a great impact on our lives, now and forever. This is what we’ll discuss throughout this series.

Tie in to CRE8 AWAKENING: God created the world. As He did, He also established His kingdom. While we messed up His original design for this world, God will one day restore everything according to His Will and His plan. An awakened soul seeks to discover and live out the values that guide God’s kingdom – now.

Messages in this Series:

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February and March 2014
Guiding Scripture: Hebrews 3:13

We often fall into bad habits when it comes to rules. We usually follow whatever rules others are following and we often think only about how a rule affects “me.” This means that we grow up learning how and when to break certain rules. You will either stand before God as judge, or stand before Him as Father. God wants to establish a covenant with us, bound by love. He also wants us to live out this covenant with each other. How? This is what we’ll discuss during this series.


When you become aware that God created you, has a plan for you and awakens you every day … you begin to realize that you are living in HIS house. God makes the rules. Learning how to incorporate His covenant into your daily life helps you to align your awakened life with His inspired purpose.

Messages in this Series:

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January & February 2014
Guiding Scripture: Luke 1:37

If we allow hooks to be placed in us, we will be unable to go when God says “Go!” We will be unable to follow when God says, “Come!” In order to follow God completely, we need to take an honest look at the hooks we’ve placed in ourselves and the hooks we’ve allowed others to place in us. Throughout this series, our hope and prayer is that by sharing with one another, we can love and encourage each other to take the hooks out and live a free life! When you’re ready to take the hooks out, God is there to help. So are we!

Tie in to CRE8 AWAKENING: Living an awakened life begins with allowing your soul to be inspired each and every day. An awakened soul listens to God, yet we are often bound by sin and selfishness. To remain awakened, we must learn to recognize and remove the things that keep us from following God’s lead.

Messages in this Series:

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December 2013
Guiding Scripture: Matthew 5:14

​So how do we show what’s in our ROOTS to those around us? We share through our LIGHT. It starts with God’s Light, which can make its way into every part of us if we let it. When it comes to the battle between darkness and light, it’s important to keep in mind that darkness cannot overpower light. Light always illuminates darkness. The only way for darkness to reign is for there to be an absence of light. The more we allow God’s Light to shine, the brighter our lives and paths become.

Tie in to CRE8 AWAKENING: God wants our souls awake for one primary purpose – to magnify His Name through the earth. An awakened life shines. It is our responsibility to make sure we shine the Light of Jesus, in and through our lives.

Messages in this Series:

Was Born To Us – December 8, 2013

God's Light – December 1, 2013


October & November 2013
Guiding Scripture: Isaiah 11:10

​We left off our last series with the notion of building our homes on the Rock of Jesus Christ. But how? While a building needs to be built on a solid foundation, the strength of a living organism’s foundation, like a tree, is found within its roots. The roots not only need to run deep, but also be healthy. Shallow or diseased roots will cause the tree to wither slowly over time or break apart when the storm comes. This is what is happening within our homes. To strengthen our homes, we need to strengthen our roots. Whatever you feed, grows. Whatever you starve, dies. So what does God want us to feed? That’s what we’ll be talking about throughout this series.

Tie in to CRE8 AWAKENING: You cannot awake your soul by yourself and you cannot remain awakened unless you become rooted in the Word, Will and Way of God. Choosing to allow your soul, your purpose, to be awakened is one thing. Living an awakened life requires submission to the purpose and person of Jesus Christ.

Messages in this Series:

Acceptance – November 17, 2013

Rock – November 10, 2013

Obedience – October 6, 2013


September 2013
Guiding Scripture: John 4:23

​Cre8 Awakening is our theme for 2013-14. There is a big difference between waking up and being awakened. When you are awakened, it is always for a purpose. God's promises are ushered in through our obedience. As believers, we often embrace the concept of a one-time repentance of our sins so that we can saved through faith in Jesus. Then, we often fall into the kind of complacency that plagued the Israelites during their time in the Promised Land and the same kind of complacency Jesus found when he began his ministry. How do we break through this complacency? By awakening every day ready to create! Join us this year as we discover the life that awaits when our souls are awakened.

For more information regarding our yearly theme, click here.

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Messages in this Series:

Repentance: Wanting a Change – September 8, 2013

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