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What Drives Us

During our shared ministry experience since we met in 1995, Ami and I have discovered one glaring reality that no corporate ministry wants to face… The corporate ministry experience – whether it is a camp, concert, church service or special event – rarely impacts the home! I’m not saying these environments can’t impact individuals. They can and they do with some people. But, for the majority of FAMILIES – they don’t. Church experience is so segregated that rarely is the family ever impacted by the same event! The result is some family members choosing to follow God while others simply don’t care. When this happens – and it happens a lot – the judgment is placed on the person walking away, not the church. We believe its time the church stops taking credit for salvations and baptisms and starts assuming responsibility when people turn away or families fall apart. Corporate ministry exists in a fishbowl, gathering as many people as possible to present a scripted program. Real life exists in the ocean, joining people together in different environments where most of the interactions are unscripted. Ministry lives in a fishbowl. Life is lived in the ocean. When it comes to the plagues of society, the statistics for how people who attend church are affected are no different than it is for people who do not regularly attend church. Plagues like divorce, infidelity, drug use, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy and suicide are just as prevalent inside of the “church“ as they are outside of the church. For this trend to change, how we do ministry must change. Ministry must leave the fishbowl and enter the ocean. The best way we know how to accomplish this is to make HOME our primary target – our primary mission. We believe that if we learn to love and lead each other in the key areas of life as they are being lived, we greatly increase the chance of helping families not only avoid the plagues of life, but remain on the path that God desires. Home is where this starts! Home needs to be the place we love and lead each other the best! Targeting the home as our mission might seem trivial, drastic, or just abnormal. It is much easier to implement ministry from a stage with scripted sermons, organized programs, packaged curriculum and strategic events. However, systemized ministry yields systemized results. Success shouldn’t be found in numbers, but in people discovering and living out God’s purpose for their lives, alongside their family. We must stop searching to experience the warm fuzzys and tickles we assume is the Presence of God during a scripted service, and start begging for God’s Presence to be experienced during the unscripted events of life. God is with us all the time, but few of us think, believe, behave and act like He is while swimming in our ocean. ATTENDING church can become a crutch to BEING the church God designed! Leaving the fishbowl can be scary. Leaving the fishbowl can be unpredictable and messy. Leaving the fishbowl, however, allows us to experience God in a whole new way – where we spend most of our time and where we need the most guidance. This is what we want a Cre8 Family to look like!

Our Mission & Strategy

Cre8 Church exists to help families worship, grow and stay together! We offer shared experiences, combined with opportunities for each individual to explore, express and celebrate truth through strategically designed environments based on worship styles. Cre8 Church accomplishes this mission through offering:
  • A shared regular worship environment with time for connection with others.
  • Simple ways for families to explore truth together throughout the week.
  • Cre8 Worship experiences on a regular basis.
  • Freedom during the week at Wide Open Acres for people to gather, connect and be.
  • Environments during the week for people to gather, connect and be.
  • Various special programs and events designed to address more specific felt needs or audiences.
  • A “Be and Become“ investment strategy into ministry leaders and partners.
  • A“Cre8 a Wish“ mission strategy to serve families and participants in need.
  • Stewardship strategies, with both time and money, that help us carefully use what we have without burdening people to carry the weight of the growth of the organization.
Cre8 Church is for those who want it and need it. We desire to partner with people and families:
  • To help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and live out His purpose for your life.
  • To help you become who God wants you to be.
  • To help you grow with your family, not apart from them.
  • To help you develop a hunger to listen, submit to and live out God’s Word.
  • To help you find or pursue GOD’S VISION for your life, not simply contribute to the vision of Cre8 Church.
At Cre8 Church:
  • Every person is a valued and honored guest.
  • Every person matters.
  • Every person is more important than the organization or image of the organization itself.
  • Every person is welcome to be a part of Cre8 Core – the leadership group of Cre8.
We define success not by attendance numbers or donations, but through people discovering and living out God’s purpose for their lives – regardless of where that takes them! We know that you’ll add the most value to life and get the most out of it when you do this. We define failure not through low attendance numbers or donations, but as quitting before doing everything we can to help you live out God’s purpose for your life – regardless of where that takes you! We don’t know exactly where this vision will take us, but we’re committed to the journey and look forward to partnering with others to change the course of people’s lives, including our own. Michael Shroyer Cre8 Director Ami Sandstrom Shroyer Cre8 Creative Director

Cre8 Church Core Beliefs

Cre8 Church Believes:
  • GOD – He is the one true God as revealed through every word of the Holy Bible.
  • JESUS – He is the only Son of God who paid the price for our sin so that through belief in Him, we can be included in God’s family, now and forever.
  • SALVATION – Salvation is not the end goal, but rather the beginning of a purposeful life.
  • HOLY SPIRIT – Is the very spirit of God given to us as a Counselor and Guide.
  • THE BIBLE – Every word is the inerrant, inspired Word of God given to us to reveal enough about God and His Story for us to place our faith and trust in Him.
  • YOU – You are created by God for a purpose and are designed to walk personally with Him through faith in Jesus and guidance through the Holy Spirit.
  • YOUR FAMILY – Family is a treasure and your family needs you to help all of you grow in your relationships with Jesus Christ and live out His purposes for your lives.
  • THE WORLD – The world is made up of individuals and families who need to know there is a great big God who loves them and someone to personally tell and show them.

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