WORlDview Part 2

by Mike Shroyer

Simply stated – A family needs a strong sense of identity, shared values and purpose. A good start is to stop constantly segregating yourselves when it comes to your spiritual and relational growth. How can a family grow together if it rarely worships together? If no one knows much about what other family members are learning or studying, what would keep a family – even a family who attends church – from forming segregated views and values?

During the months of October and November (2012), Cre8 Church will be discussing – as families – the ways Satan has corrupted the world – and even God’s Word – to keep us divided, distracted and discouraged. By talking about these things together, we can be better equipped to pursue a common worldview that becomes more comfortable with the WORD than the world. You don’t need to join what we’re doing to accomplish this. You simply need to be committed to growing together. Here’s what it looks like:

You are either living like this – WORlD – where the power of God’s WORD defeats all the big and little LIES (thus the little “l” and big “WORD”) you hear every day, or . . .

You are living like this – worLd – where you place more value on the LIES (thus the big “L” and little “word”) you hear over submitting to the living WORD of God.

Think of it this way –

It will be hard for you to be divided when you have shared values.

It will be hard for you to stay distracted when you are driven by purpose.

It will be hard for you to remain discouraged when you are united through identity.

Studying, learning and talking about God’s Word together offers all of this and more! If there is any way we can serve you or your family, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Blessings to you in your journey,


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