WORlDview Part 1

by Mike Shroyer

We are told that our worldview shapes our beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. Worldviews are often determined by three overriding factors. We typically form our views based on: 1) Believing whatever the person we trust most tells us, 2) Believing whatever we hear first, or 3) Believing whatever we hear most often. Sounds simplistic – because it really is.

For centuries, our worldview was passed onto us through our families. Nowadays, members of one household often spend more time with people and groups outside of the home than they do with each other, while also having access to just about anything with the click of a button. We can view it as progress or enlightenment or evidence of how far advanced we are as a people. However, information has no natural predator. If someone believes something to be true – it’s true. If someone believes something to be false – it’s false. This happens because our beliefs, attitudes and behaviors follow how we view the world, ourselves, each other and God. You may just end up believing whatever you're told by the person you trust most, whatever you hear first or whatever you hear most often – regardless of its truth or from where it derives. Adults spend more time at work and running around. Kids spend more time at school and extracurricular activities.

A nation remains strong when it is united in PURPOSE. This doesn’t mean everyone thinks, acts and believes exactly the same, nor does it mean everyone conforms to a certain image. What it does mean is that when its IDENTITY, or shared values, is threatened – they drop everything to fight FOR each other and for their ultimate cause. So – the best way to defeat a nation is to first divide it from within.

The same is true when it comes to FAMILY!

When family is strong, each member remains inspired and equipped to face any challenge, endure any hardship and pursue every goal. When family is segregated, each member is attacked through individual weaknesses. Families start fighting AGAINST one another and their ultimate identity, or shared values, is lost. It becomes every person for him or herself.

Families are falling apart at an alarming rate. They stop trusting each other – meaning they listen to others they trust more. They are constantly taught by and spend a lot of time with others – even from the youngest of ages – meaning their values are being shaped as much, if not more, by people outside of the home. In other words, different worldviews form within the same four walls, potentially eliminating shared identity, values and purpose.

A family doesn’t have to agree about everything or think exactly alike. But a family needs identity. A family needs purpose. A family needs TOGETHER! Without “together,” there is no way of making family strong. We can talk about being strong. We can do some stuff together. But if “together” isn’t who we ARE, together can get lost.

So what’s the solution?

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