Why We Need Cre8

by Mike Shroyer

We’re Still Going

When people ask me how Cre8 is going, the only consistent answer I can give is, “We’re still going!” This is hard to write about yet this is what drives me every day. To give any update about Cre8 is difficult because what we’re doing is more about the stories, not about numbers and carefully crafted marketing statements aimed at getting more people involved. Currently, we’re facing a unique circumstance that we didn’t create – yet we find ourselves in the middle of.

To conquer this specific challenge – we need help!

Cre8 Home

The very first property we ever looked at here in NC (for Cre8) is the very property we’ve been residing for the past year. By all logic we shouldn’t be here. Yet – here we are. What we’ve seen occur over the past 12 months has left us more and more in awe of God and His Ways, and more and more resolved to continue cre8ing for the rest of our lives. In regard to this property, our lease-to-own contract is threatened because the current owners are no longer able to keep the mortgage current from their end. Out of everything that can be said about this, one possibility reigns supreme.

If it weren’t for the potential of our little community coming up with the financing needed to purchase the main lot (if not the whole property) – this group of businessmen would have no chance to save this property (which sat empty for over 6 years) or their business. We have an incredible opportunity!

Building Cre8 Home – The 5 Storehouses

We believe that our ministry is built through helping to build and rebuild lives and families. It’s not about total numbers; it’s about names and faces. We define failure as stopping before doing everything we can to invest into a person or situation. We are striving to accomplish Malachi 3:10 not through getting people to give more money, but through building the storehouses desired so that Cre8 Home is filled with what people and families NEED. You can read more about this here.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for every single person/family who chose to give, yet for us to move forward – we need more.

Needs vs. Means

When you reach people with needs, you will rarely reach people with means. We don’t try to lure more and more people to join us. We strive to care for those God brings our way. We exist on a very small budget, not even drawing a salary yet to take care of our personal expenses. We see churches spend into the millions on things like parking lots, new auditoriums, cool lights, a growing staff and many other non-personal ministry-related expenses. While I’m not trying to condemn this, I feel I can point out that when circumstances dictate a time of need in our community, offering another place to park your car, a big room to sit in, fancier lights to see or a paid staff person that you won’t have much personal access to will do very little to nothing to help people physically, materially, emotionally, relationally or spiritually. One church is spending $5 million on a new parking lot. If we had $5 million – it would provide purchase of this property debt-free, give us all the money we need to renovate the property debt-free and would give us about 5 years of an ideal operating budget. This would ensure that personal ministry can occur at Cre8 Home/Wide Open Acres every day in a variety of ways. Ami and I are privileged to be surrounded by a community of folks who have overcome and are overcoming the biggest plagues and challenges of our society – who also wish to help others conquer them as well!

We desire to have the means to continue meeting needs! We understand this is accomplished not through sermons or programming, but through unlocking the power of together, unlocking the greatest resource we have – each person.


Our current yearly theme is ONE LIFE – Living Life where every ONE matters! You can read more about this here. We experienced something recently that was truly miraculous – an unbelievable string of events we’ve deemed “ONE LIFE Story.” We hope to write about it one day. After this incredible encounter was over, I said to Ami, “If God gave us this idea of Cre8 and if He’s guided us to make every step we have over the past 5 years just for this ‘one’ to occur – I am a very content man. If this journey comes to an end – I will feel that I got to be a part of the most effective ministry on earth for the time we spent Cre8ing.” This one story, in a nutshell, is what Cre8 is all about. I wish I could share every “one” story we’ve seen transpire. It’s about the one person, the one situation, the one opportunity to breathe life into a person or circumstance. The ONE is worth it! With that said, however …

We desperately want the stories to continue! Each new story means redemption, healing, renewal or purpose.

This Is Hard For Me …

This is me – humbling myself – asking for provision! (Sigh)

I used to be calm, cool and collected. I used to have a semblance of pride that I never thought was arrogant, but more confident. Then – I met Jesus. Then – I met Ami. Then – I welcomed J Michael and Sadie into the world. Now – I am an emotional sap who has a hard time keeping my emotions in check while watching touching YouTube videos – let alone playing a role in the real lives of people and families. I don’t want to ever share stories to try to convince people to join what we’re doing or to take credit for miracles I witnessed, but had nothing to do with. I get excited to gather with families every week not because of what God is saying. He’s been saying the same things since creation. I get excited because of what God is doing. To, in any way, use this to drum up financial support or increase involvement has been on my “never to do” list since the very beginning of Cre8. To move forward – we simply need more than what we currently have.

This isn’t about building a ministry. This is about making sure that every ONE person knows he/she matters. If we need to move away from Cre8 Home, I don’t want it to be because I failed to communicate the need. My pride tells me to go quietly. My purpose tells me to fight.

To Keep Going

We want to keep going. We feel that we need to keep going. Families are falling apart and that’s not okay. People are losing their sense of purpose and that’s not okay. Individuals are feeling like they don’t matter and that’s not okay. We feel we can help.

I can share more detailed financial numbers or information with anyone interested. Despite my desire to keep quiet and try to figure it out myself, I am humbly asking anyone who can to contribute or help us raise the money needed for us to make Cre8 Home our permanent home, keeping its doors open for whomever and whatever God brings our way. Here’s one way you can don8. Please contact me with questions. Thank you!

Blessings to you and your journey,


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