Cre8 Vision

by Mike Shroyer

Below is the outline used for the Vision Gathering we used on January 6, 2013. These notes underscore the Big Picture of where we are and where we’re headed. If you want more information, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk with you!

What We’ve Learned


A shared experience is one where if any one person were taken out of the mix, the gathering would have been different. A corporate experience is one where everything is controlled and all you need to do is show up, sit down and do nothing. Wanting everyone to matter means we bring what’s happening in our lives into our gatherings. This will cause some of our gatherings to feel incredible and some to feel a little awkward, chaotic or uncomfortable. This is part of the process of walking through life with each other! Capturing the power of together may not always be easy, but it’s definitely worth it!


No one likes to be placed in a box and be told who to be. We need to resist the urge to point out how we don’t like to be put into boxes while at the same time, creating NEW little boxes of our own. As soon as we create a box, we limit WHO we can impact and we limit HOW we can impact that person. Not everyone that needs reached will walk into a prepackaged, controlled box. Further, not everyone who walks into the box will receive the investment they need simply through playing by the confined rules. The only box everyone fits into is HOME! Everything we do should help what’s happening in the home.

Next Cre8 Core Value


Exodus 18:13-23 We will seek less to establish policies and more to initiate conversations!

The more we systemize everything, the greater the risk of placing people in restrictive boxes and sterilizing personal ministry. Instead of making rules for everything, we will seek to personally address individual situations with personal conversations that help build up, not tear down. We can’t continually limit how we love and serve others through the arbitrary “rules” and “expectations” we place on ourselves and others. Physical, emotional, relational and spiritual safety is of the utmost importance. Systemizing ministry to the point of managing numbers at the expense of providing personal ministry is where the line is drawn.

2013 & Beyond


Malachi 3:10 tells us to bring the full tithe to the storehouse. At Cre8, we will focus on investing into and pouring out of the following “storehouses:”

  1. Physical – places for people to live, stay and/or retreat.
  2. Material – necessities such as food, water, clothing and toiletries.
  3. Emotional – safe places and gatherings for people to be themselves and receive the healing, restoration or peace they need to move forward in life.
  4. Relational – where people can form and strengthen positive and authentic relationships – within their families and within the community.
  5. Spiritual – where people can connect or reconnect with God through Jesus Christ and find what they need to be who God wants them to be and do what He wants them to do.

The final three storehouses are—US! We ARE the storehouses! This means that we will always focus more on growing a community, not a church or an organization. This also means we will always focus more on what’s happening in the home and behind closed doors (which God always sees anyways), compared to how things look on the surface. For people to receive what they need to move forward in life, they may need what you have to offer – what we have to offer.


Success is found in helping to build or rebuild lives and families!

Failure is when we stop before doing everything we can to invest into a life or a situation!

We build our ministry through building or rebuilding live and families. If we take our eyes off of this approach, we will gravitate toward self-preservation and managing numbers. HOW we accomplish this is where conversation, community and care leap into action. HOW we accomplish this will be discovered together.

-Michael Shroyer

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