Be & Become

by Mike Shroyer

I’ve had three HUGE “a-ha, change-my-life-forever” moments since being with Ami. Number one was realizing that the worst day with Ami was better than the best day I had ever experienced with anyone else – prompting me to propose to her on the spot. Number two was the evening that led to the idea for Cre8 – which we are now doing by the grace of God. The third was this …

I spoke about this once at a church. The link is below. This “a-ha” helped me answer the question, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” I now hope to live to 150 years-old, giving me as many days as possible to live out what I know God has called me to be, and to do. No matter where I’m at, what I’m doing or who I’m with – this is my ultimate purpose.

Ami told me recently that someone commented about me: “Mike sees people for who they could be.” That statement struck me. I want this to be true. This is how I want to treat people. By accepting people for who they are and investing into who they want to be, we can offer the acceptance to others that God offers us, while also helping inspire people to walk into a life of unshakeable meaning.

At the end of day, it’s not what you say or what you try to “teach” others – especially your family – that will form your legacy. It’s who you ARE. By striving to be everything God designed you to be, you invest something so much greater to those around you than simply what you know in your head.

Become who God has ordained you to be.

To accept this challenge means you won’t get what you want most of the time and that people will frustrate you daily. However, on the other side of this kind of life is seeing the best that God can do, not just the best that you can do. Adding purpose to even the most mundane details of life provides new perspective and value to each day. It’s unbelievable how many frustrations are minimized by this perspective and value. You will never get everything to go your way or get everyone to do your bidding no matter how hard you try. You can, however, leverage your influence to help others be and become. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it!

Praying you experience all God has for you, Mike

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