Business Plan

Cre8 Ministries and Cre8 Church are extensions of Wide Open Ministries, a corporation organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. We function with a Board of Directors and by utilizing the input provided through the people who join us in our mission. Fundamentally, we refuse to engage in intentional activities that are designed to convince people to give us money. For anyone who gives, we want it to be because it’s something they want to do or feel God wants them to do. Before anyone gives, we prefer for them to view our Financial Disclosure, listed below, so people know exactly how the money is being spent. While this value helps keep our pursuits honest, it presents a challenge to building a charitable organization. All environments are based on the principle of NEXXT – Please help us take what you’re eXperiencing and share it with whomever’s neXt. This means we’ll accept donations of any size and if someone can’t give anything, that’s okay. While this value helps keep our pursuits honest, it presents a challenge to building a charitable organization. We believe that by focusing more on building people, we’ll be satisfied with whatever resources we’re privileged to be stewards of to build the organization. To ultimately succeed as an organization, our approach is to:
  • Generate multiple streams of revenue, not relying solely on donations.
  • Use a percentage-based approach to budgeting, doing what we can only as the funds are available.
  • Prioritize spending, tackling our “needs“ before pursuing our “wants.“
To donate, click here. For questions or comments, please contact us.

Financial Disclosure

Our ATTITUDE about giving is that whether it is a tithe, a one-time donation or regular contributions (of any size), how much or how often you give is completely up to you. While we believe in trusting God through tithing (10% of your income), we believe that how you disperse what you give is between you and God. Our only REQUEST is that you give us the following information so that we are able to keep the records needed to make your donations count: Name Address Email Address You will receive one statement in January (reflecting the previous years’ donations), emailed electronically to you for your records. You can also request a year-to-date statement at any time. Our BUDGET is built through percentages. This means that instead of striving for particular dollar amounts in each category, we simply disperse all revenue based on predetermined percentages. For the year 2012, all money donated and generated, not specifically designated, will be dispersed accordingly: 5% — Salaries Includes all money paid to employees (plus benefits) **No salaries have yet to be approved by the Board 60% — Cre8 Home/Wide Open Acres Includes property payment, additional money to purchase property, maintenance equipment, services & supplies, utilities and property insurance for Cre8 Home/Wide Open Acres 2.5% — Administration Includes all office/business supplies, organizational insurance, financial keeping and website/media 15% — Equipment Includes Sound/Video/Lighting and other such equipment 10% — Program Includes props/supplies/items needed for gatherings & special events, including childcare equipment & supplies 0% — Products/Resources Includes all production of curriculum, books, music & other resources **This will be a future endeavor of Wide Open Ministries 5% — Cre8 A Wish Includes all money spent to serve or support individuals/families/groups in need 2.5% — Built-In Margin Includes funds saved to be used as wanted or needed with Board approval Specifically-Designated Donations We do offer people the freedom to donate to a specific category. In this case, 100% of funds given will be deposited into the appropriate account. Financial Disclosure We will honor any request to view a summary of our financial records. Please allow up to two weeks for a summary to be completed. **Checks must be made payable to: Wide Open Ministries.


If you would like to donate to Cre8, you can mail a check, place your gift in the box at Cre8 Home, or give online below, using PayPal.

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